Components for Ibsophone MT3

The Ibsophone tethered under water communication system provides for excellent voice communication between the divers and the surface attendant. The Ibsophone contributes to a high degree of diver safety and also improves his underwater work.When connectors are removed from the amplifier the unit is switched off. Uses six standard 1,5 Volt C Baby/LR14/AM2 batteries for power.

Ibsophone MTIII - for One or Two Divers

Part no. Description
Ibsophone MTIII - For two divers* includes 1 x /A,B), 2 x (C,D) 2 x female E

The components of the Ibsophone MT3


1. Headphone

2. Microphone

3. Plug for amplifiers


4. press-to-talk bar to the diver 1

5. press-to-talk bar to the diver 2

6. volume controls from the tender to the divers

7. volume controls for diver 1 to diver 2

8. volume controls for diver 2 to diver 1

9. volume control from the divers to the tender

10A. Batteries 3 * 1,5 V (R14)

10B. Batteries 3 * 1,5 V (R14)

Communication Cable

11. 19-pin plug to the amplifier

12. Subcon under water contact, 4 pole, with locking sleeve

Microphone and hearing settings

13. Subcon under water contact, 4-pole, halves with locking sleeve.

14. Bone conductor

15. Diver microphone

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