Ibsophone MT3

The diving communication system MT3 was developed using the absolute highest construction quality standards and making it the ultimate standard for diving professionals. It has been in use by the German Navy, Fire departments, Police and in the ‘rough’ off- and in-shore area for many years where it has proven its outstanding reliability.

The MT3 system allows a tender to communicate with 2 divers as well as communication between the divers.
A pre-amplifier is integrated in the diving line to allow trouble free operation with long communication cables and minimizes the risk of radio frequency interference.

The MT3 system can be used down to 70m (210ft) of diving depth with the standard diver microphone. If the standard diver microphone is replaced by a bone conductor microphone, the system can be used to greater depth.



The easy to handle headset is equipped with two loudspeakers, which are partly shielded. Therefore the dive attendant is not completed unaware of his surrounding and can easily adapt his action to a change in circumstances. As the microphone is integrated in the headset, both hands are free to serve the diving line or to adjust gain settings of the line amplifier if necessary.  

Amplifier Unit

The kernel of the diving telephone is the master amplifier. The master amplifier unit is equipped with a special constructed head set which allows the dive attendant several hours of easy communication with 2 divers. Four (4) gain controls are available to individually adjust the gain setting between the divers and the dive leader. The master amplifier itself is also completely water tight due to its heavy-duty construction. Most of the electrical contacts are gold plated and all metals are seawater proof to ensure an absolute maximum quality and therefore an outstanding reliability. Hence, the maintenance is kept to a very minimum. A special constructed switch, integrated in the master amplifier, allows the dive attendant to communicate with each diver individually or both simultaneously in a very comfortable way. 

ibsophone communication system on diver


Communication cable

The communication cable has an integrated water/pressure tight pre-amplifier which allows even longer communication cables to be used without commun-ication degeneration. The electrical line connector is easy to adapt and can be connected even under water.

Diver microphone and bone conductor

The dynamic diving microphone is directly integrated in the DIVATOR Full Face MAsk. The direct integrated construction gives as an outstanding speech quality and minimizing disturbing surrounding noise.  The high power loudspeaker (bone conductor) is integrated and secures an outstanding communication. 

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